1. The History of Air Quality Controls

    Many people enjoy getting out in nature. From listening to the birds sing to watching the squirrels scamper, nature gives us many joys. Another reason people like getting out in nature is breathing the fresh air. Being indoors in an office environment all day can be stifling. Taking a big deep breat…Read More

  2. The Health Benefits of Clean Air

    As an HVAC contractor in Fort Worth, Ratterree Heat & Air knows air — cool air and hot air and all temperatures in-between. We specialize in making your air temperature comfortable — cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We make sure your HVAC system is running smoothly all year round. …Read More

  3. Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Furnace Repairs

    Summer is upon us. School is nearing a close, summer vacations are being planned, swimsuits are being purchased, and late nights with friends are taking priority over sleep. In Fort Worth, we are priming our air conditioners in preparation for the summer heat that comes with Texas summers. But did y…Read More

  4. Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs a Tune-Up

    As the days lengthen, summer approaches and the temperatures steadily rise, you may be getting ready to use your air conditioning unit. But when you turn it on, you notice something awry. Do you need an air conditioning tune-up? Ratterree Heat & Air offers the best air conditioning repair servic…Read More

  5. Common Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Heating System

    Unfortunately, the heating systems in our homes aren’t made to last a lifetime. In fact, that’s probably a good thing since technology is always evolving to become more efficient and user-friendly. You wouldn’t want a heater from the 1940s anyway, would you? As a homeowner, we know it can be d…Read More

  6. Heating System Safety Tips

    We’re heading into the fall season, which means homeowners are going to start turning on their furnaces and heating systems for the first time in several months. According to data from the National Fire Protection Association, heating equipment is a leading cause of home fires and fire-related dea…Read More

  7. How To Find The Right HVAC Contractor For Your Home or Business

    When it comes to the HVAC systems in your home, you don’t want just anyone working on them. You want a reliable HVAC contractor that has an established great reputation in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. With so many HVAC contractors to choose from in the community, how can you know if you’re ma…Read More

  8. 8 HVAC Maintenance Tips For Pet Owners

    We all love our furry friends, but admittedly, they aren’t exactly the best contributors to our home’s HVAC system. They are cute (believe us, we know), but their fur and the way they like to roll around in the grass in the backyard can cause damage to our home’s air quality. That’s why it…Read More

  9. Handling Your Air Conditioner While You’re On Vacation

    It’s summertime, which means it's time to pack up and leave your home for your long-awaited (and well-deserved) summer vacations and trips. We know that as a homeowner, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into making sure your home is safe and ready for your time away from it. One of the issu…Read More

  10. 10 Ways To Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

    Air conditioning tends to be our go-to saving grace during the hot, sticky months in Fort Worth, but it certainly doesn’t come cheap. According to data from the U.S. Department of Energy, about ⅔ of all American households have air conditioners and it costs about $11 billion annually for homeown…Read More