Whether you’re catching up on your favorite read or you are entertaining guests, your sunroom is a gathering place in your home where you can spend leisure time with beautiful, natural lighting. As relaxing as sunrooms are, they often get too hot for comfort due to the amount of sunlight that enters through the windows. You shouldn’t have to hide in the shadows of your house trying to escape the heat that Texas weather brings. Lucky for you, there are a few options you have to have the best of both worlds!

We at Ratterree Heat & Air know how important it is to keep your sunroom at a comfortable temperature for you, your friends, and your family. Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy time with your friends and family when everyone is hot and uncomfortable. That’s why we are letting you know the best cooling options for your sunroom so that you can spend more time enjoying your company and less time fanning yourself and your guests in attempts to cool off.

Cool Off Your Sunroom

Having a hot sunroom comes with the nature of the design. However, allowing ample natural light into your sunroom doesn’t have to come at the expense of sweating and being uncomfortable every time you step foot into the room. Here are a few options you have to cool down the room:

  • Mini Split Air Conditioner: Ratterree Heat & Air provides ductless, mini split air conditioner installation in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. This type of cooling system is essentially an indoor evaporator coil combined with an outdoor condenser unit. It does not require any ductwork and you don’t have to do any renovations in your sunroom to soak in its benefits. This is one of the best solutions to your hot sunroom problem. Not only will a mini split air conditioner cool off your sunroom, it will also reduce energy costs, enhance air circulation, and last for many years to come! If you’re interested in installing this cooling system in your sunroom or another room in your home, give us a call today.
  • Tint The Windows: We know that recommending to tint your windows might defeat the purpose of having a sunroom, but it can help regulate the temperature in the room, even if the windows are just slightly tinted. By tinting your windows, you will reduce the intensity of the sunlight traveling through and block the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This will help lower the heat within the room while still allowing natural light inside.
  • Control The Humidity: Living in Fort Worth, you know how important it is to control the humidity in your home. Extra humidity in your sunroom can make the heat worse because it doesn’t leave your skin very easily. The solution? A dehumidifier. This small addition can help regulate the humidity within the room, subsequently lowering the overall temperature. Want to learn more? Call Ratterree Heat & Air today, we are happy to help!
  • Install Blinds or Curtains: A less permanent solution to cooling down your sunroom instead of tinting your windows is to install blinds or curtains on your windows. This is a great alternative because you are still able to gaze out of your windows, but have the option of blocking the sunlight by simply drawing the blinds or using your curtains. This solution combined with our mini split air conditioner will ensure that you will be able to escape the sweltering Texas heat.

We have served the Dallas and Fort Worth areas for nearly half a century, and we know the hot weather can cause unbearable discomfort. We can help with uneven temperatures in your sunroom and other rooms in your home, helping you be able to spend time in your sunroom without worrying about the scorching heat.

When you call Ratterree Heat & Air, you will speak with our professional and experienced staff that is ready to help you with any of your HVAC needs. From installing new HVAC systems and mini split air conditioners to repairing your air conditioning unit and everything in between, Ratterree Heat & Air is your trusted HVAC service company. Give us a call today and receive a free estimate for your next HVAC service.