It’s summertime, which means it’s time to pack up and leave your home for your long-awaited (and well-deserved) summer vacations and trips. We know that as a homeowner, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into making sure your home is safe and ready for your time away from it. One of the issues you might face is figuring out what to do with your air conditioning system: should you leave it on or off? In short, the answer to that question relies on a variety of factors. Read on to find out!

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In this blog post, we’ll go over whether or not you should leave on your central air conditioning unit while you’re on vacation.

The Bottom Line

So, should you leave your central air conditioning unit on or off? If saving energy is your top and only concern, the answer is to turn your unit completely off. But keep this in mind: most experts actually recommend not turning off your air conditioning unit while you’re away.

Turning off your air conditioning unit means the air in your home won’t circulate properly, which can lead to mold and other potential problems. If anything, we suggest just turning your thermostat up while you’re away to about 85 degrees. This way, your air conditioning unit will still be on and in good condition without wasting too much energy — even if that means having a warm home to return to.

Other Factors

Of course, there are a variety of factors that go into the answers from above, as each individual has a different vacation situation. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your air conditioning preferences and trip before leaving on your vacation.

How long will you be gone?

If you’ll only be gone for the weekend or a short amount of time, you’ll likely benefit from keeping your air conditioner on but at a higher temperature. This will ensure you’re not being wasteful and you’ll keep any humidity levels under control.

For longer vacations that will last more than a week, you can turn off your air conditioning unit to save you money and energy. Preferably, you’ll have a programmable thermostat or access to your thermostat from your mobile phone so you can kickstart your air conditioning system before you get home or as necessary.

What will the weather be like while you’re away?

Check your local forecast or watch your local news channel to see what the weather will be like while you’re away.

If the weather is anticipated to be relatively mild, you can turn off your air conditioning unit while you’re away. However, if the weather is going to be hot as it normally is during the Fort Worth summer months, we suggest keeping your air conditioning on, but at a higher set temperature. This will ensure the interior of your home doesn’t get too hot and that any extra humidity doesn’t affect the beautiful features of your home such as wood floors, cabinets and doors.

Is energy efficiency important to you?

As we mentioned earlier, if energy efficiency is your number one priority despite how long you’ll be gone or how the weather will be like when you’re away, you can turn off your air conditioning unit. Just know there are some risks to the interior aesthetic of your home if you choose to do this.

Turning your thermostat up is a conservational option, but you can also add solar window films or thermal drapes to your windows to keep any heat out.

Additional Tips and Advice

Here are a few other tips and advice to keep in mind to prepare for your time away from home.

  • You can install a programmable thermostat that can change the temperature of your home at different times of the day automatically. There are also mobile applications that you can connect with your thermostat to have total control of your air conditioning system wherever you are in the world, whenever.
  • Close the curtains in your home. This will keep the inside of your home at a cooler level, reducing the amount of work your air conditioning unit will have to do while you’re away.

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