As the days lengthen, summer approaches and the temperatures steadily rise, you may be getting ready to use your air conditioning unit. But when you turn it on, you notice something awry. Do you need an air conditioning tune-up? Ratterree Heat & Air offers the best air conditioning repair service in Fort Worth. We specialize in both residential and commercial HVAC systems with personal, professional, and punctual service. In this blog post, we’ll review some of the signs that your air conditioning unit may need a tune-up. Contact us today for your free air conditioning estimate!


  • Blowing hot air. This is the most common reason we here at Ratterree Heat & Air get a phone call for air conditioning repair service. When you turn on your air conditioning unit for the first time this summer and it doesn’t blow cool air within a couple of minutes, you may need an air conditioning inspection. There are a variety of reasons that this may be happening, including clogged airways, blocked air ducts, or a problem with the air conditioning unit itself.
  • Blowing cool air, but none is coming out. Weak air flow is a sign that your air conditioning’s compressor is giving out. It could also be a problem with your ductwork since some obstacle, such as dirt or your child’s stuffed animal he or she stuffed down the venting system just to see what would happen) is blocked air flow. Call an air conditioning company, such as Ratterree Heat & Air, today for a check-up.
  • Extreme temperature fluxes in your home. Consider this scenario: your air conditioning unit is on, but it either is overproducing air, making you shiver, or underproducing air, making you sweat. This could be the cause of a broken thermometer or thermostat in your air conditioning unit. With nothing providing feedback to your air conditioning system on the air around it, it just guesses with mixed results.
  • Noticeable water around the air conditioning unit. Moisture around an air conditioning unit is normal; however, when it becomes excessive, this could be a sign you have a refrigerant leak, which can harm both your air conditioning unit and be harmful to your family’s health. You could also be inadvertently created a cozy environment for mold and other allergens to grow and build up, which is undesirable as well.Call a top-notch air conditioning service company such as Ratterree Heat & Air to investigate promptly.
  • Irksome noises. Like any piece of equipment that is not happy, it usually complains. The same is true for air conditioning units that are unhappy. A sure sign you’ll need a professional air conditioning repair service to take a gander at your air conditioning unit is when it is making strange, loud, or downright irksome noises. Modern air conditioning units make low sounds; anything out of the ordinary should be inspected right away.
  • Unusual smells. If the air coming into your home smells funky, especially like something is burning which can indicate faulty wiring, call your local air conditioning repair service, Ratterree Heat & Air, to investigate. Air conditioners should be emitting fresh air with no smells.
  • High utility bills. If you have an unexplained jump in utility bills, there is an explanation — you just haven’t found it yet. Start with your air conditioning unit in the summer (or furnace in the winter). Inefficiencies could be present, and this cost can rack up quickly. Upgrading to new air conditioning unit can save you a lot in the long run, especially in the face of rising energy costs.

Ratterree Heat & Air is your go-to resource for all your heating and cooling needs in Fort Worth. The summers do get hot so it’s vital to have a working air conditioning unit at the ready. An air conditioning tune-up is only $79.95, where we’ll perform a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system and make sure it is in working order. We’ll fix any minor problems, which is important before your air conditioning problems become larger. As your Top Rated Local® HVAC contractor in Fort Worth, Ratterree Heat & Air offers next day A/C installation service. Ask about our available financing options. Contact us today for your free A/C service estimate!