Summer is upon us. School is nearing a close, summer vacations are being planned, swimsuits are being purchased, and late nights with friends are taking priority over sleep. In Fort Worth, we are priming our air conditioners in preparation for the summer heat that comes with Texas summers. But did you know that summer is the perfect time for furnace repairs?

Ratterree Heat & Air has been serving the people of Fort Worth for over 40 years with superb HVAC services. From air conditioning repair to furnace and hot water heater repair, we’ve got you covered for all your indoor temperature needs. In this blog post, we’ll review why summer is the perfect time for furnace repairs. Contact us today for your free air conditioning and heating inspection today!


  • You don’t want to be cold. Most of us take our HVAC system for granted. We flip a switch and expect our heating and air conditioning to work. It’s only when either one does not work that we actually pay attention, and call our local HVAC service repair, such as Ratterree Heat & Air in Fort Worth. However, when your heating goes out in the winter, your house can get cold real quick. This poses a danger to pipes and water lines that can freeze if heating repairs aren’t executed soon. Furthermore, most of us don’t want to live without heat; while we can live without air conditioning — at least for a little while — even in the Texas heat.
  • You’ll have time to save for a new furnace. Let’s face it, furnaces are expensive. When your local HVAC company, such as Ratterree Heat & Air in Fort Worth, discovers a problem with your heating system that requires a furnace replacement, you’ll have time to save up for it. We offer amazing financing deals for those who qualify to help you afford a new furnace. With early detection before the cold hits, you’ll be prepared.
  • It’s the downtime. With everyone requesting air conditioning installation and repair, your local HVAC company, such as Ratterree Heat & Air, won’t have many calls for furnace repair. This means you are more likely to be scheduled in when a heating repair call comes in. Furthermore, you may get a deal on a new furnace as incentives by the manufacturers are usually offered in the summer, saving you money.
  • It’s easier to clean your ductwork. The best time to have your ductwork inspected and cleaning is in the in-between seasons (early spring and early fall) when your HVAC system is not running. This makes it super convenient for you for scheduling as you won’t face any downtime on your heating or your cooling systems.
  • Routine maintenance is easier to carry out. Your heating system needs annual maintenance in order to keep working properly. In the summer, furnace maintenance is easy. Some common maintenance issues you may want to have your local HVAC contractor, such as Ratterree Heat & Air, perform are cleaning the burner if you have a gas furnace, replacing a malfunctioning igniter, repairing the blower motor, and replacing broken heating elements.

While you are having your air conditioning inspected by Ratterree Heat & Air this summer, have your heating system inspected as well. If a problem is found, heating repair is much easier and more convenient in the summer rather than in the winter. You’ll get prompt service without worrying about having to freeze overnight in your home. You may get a great deal on a new furnace, and you won’t be inconvenienced in the least.


Ratterree Heat & Air offers the best residential and commercial HVAC repair and services in Fort Worth. We take pride in our work and undergo extensive on-going training to bring you the best in quality and technology in the HVAC industry. We also offer home air quality testing so you can be sure your family is breathing clean air. We offer emergency heating and cooling services when you need it, so you won’t have to spend a night cold or sweating. Don’t ignore your heating system when the warm weather hits. Instead, schedule your free heating inspection at the same time as your free air conditioning inspection. Contact us today!