As a homeowner, you want to ensure the appliances and HVAC systems in your home are always working and functioning as they’re supposed to. It’s common for everyday wear and tear to take its toll on these major home system components, which is a primary reason homeowners purchase home warranties.

So what exactly is a home warranty? Essentially, a home warranty is a yearly service agreement that promises to protect these specific home systems and appliances when they do eventually lose their touch.

Unfortunately, that’s not always how it works out, and home warranties don’t always cover everything they say they will. This shocks most homeowners, which is why we want to help.

Our team at Ratterree Heat & Air in Fort Worth can help you with your home warranties for your HVAC systems. If you’re facing repairs for your air conditioning or heating unit that will still cost you hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars in uncovered items, materials or services in your home warranty, we can help you find a viable solution. Contact us today for more information.