Heating Services

In the winter, there is nothing better than getting home, curling up with a blanket, and relaxing — that is, unless your heater isn’t working. Having a malfunctioning heater can be not only uncomfortable and frustrating but also, unhealthy. You and your family need to stay warm during the cooler winter months, and we want to help.

With unparalleled service and more than two decades of experience on our side, our team at Ratterree Heat & Air is the clear choice for all of your heating HVAC service needs. Let us take care of your furnace — quickly and with utmost expertise.

We can help you with the following common heating problems and more:

  • Cold air coming out of your heater
  • A furnace that won’t turn on or off
  • Uneven heat distribution throughout the house
  • Improperly working controls
  • A malfunctioning fan
  • Mold in your furnace
  • Strange sounds or smells coming from the furnace or vents

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